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We built a solution for life at the speed of lawyer.
With a clean, intuitive interface and streamlined navigation,
Lexis Advance® gets you where you need to go—FAST.

We know that Legal professionals spend a large proportion of their week carrying out research – FACT!
We know that Legal professionals NEED the most relevant, up-to-date and authoritative content – FACT!
We know that one of the biggest priorities for every legal professional is efficiency – FACT!
Come with us as we take you on a journey to discover the superior research content behind Lexis Advance, the next generation online legal research platform by LexisNexis.

Come see for yourself!

  • Search confidently
    Tap into news, business, public records and legal information from more than 60,000 sources.
  • Control your work process
    Lexis Advance® is integrated with other LexisNexis® products—enjoy single sign in with many solutions you subscribe to.
  • Uncover critical sources
    Access cutting-edge technology to power your legal online research. Ensure you never miss a critical source.
  • Save time; build your case
    Search keywords, cases or employ a full Boolean search from a single search bar, saving time and clicks.

  1. The Red Search Box that does so much for you!
    So flexible! Search across all available content—without selecting sources. Or retrieve the source(s) you want to search. Retrieve source documents with one click. Get full-text documents you need using the citation, popular law name or case name. Shepardize®   a citation. Search with plain English—or use the terms and connectors you’re comfortable with.
  2. Filters that uncover just the facts you need
    Select jurisdictions, content categories or practice areas before you search and save browsing time. Or start broadly and filter search results to save time on the back end. Point, click and narrow by time frame, topic, parties, etc. Even save and re-use the filter combinations you use most.
  3. Shepard’s® Citations Service
    Spot issues immediately as you view the new Shepard’s summary on your full-text case. Then click into the Shepard’s report—and the flexible features that help you reveal the true legal value of your authority. Sort citing decisions by analysis, headnote, depth of discussion, etc. Quickly isolate negative or positive treatment—or splits of authority. Use the exclusive Grid View to uncover patterns of analysis by court or by date, and explore the Appellate History Map to quickly visualize the relationships in the case history.
  4. Flexible Alert options that keep you updated without being overwhelmed
    One Alert can compile the latest across all content categories. Or set up a publication Alert and get updates without a search query. And setup is just what you expect: set delivery times and days, even real-time updates. If you track bills, set up a Legislative Alert. Set Shepard’s Alert®notifications to update you on negative changes, etc.
  5. Online Folders that increase your effectiveness
    Save what’s important to you in online Folders—documents, text, even search results and effective searches. Annotate documents and highlight text before saving. Plus you’re notified automatically if folder documents have changed. Just click and update—at no extra charge for subscription documents.
  6. History that compiles and can further your research
    Resume past research without missing a beat. Your searches, search terms, documents, Shepard’s reports, email sends and other activities are automatically saved in your History for up to 90 days. Review history as a list or get a graphical map view where you can compare search results and find more, similar documents.
  7. Predictable pricing that eliminates search charges
    No per-search costs, no hourly costs—no worries about accidental document charges. Even printing and Shepardizing™ are included with each subscription document. Out-of-plan documents are out of reach. You can’t access them—or get charged—without taking active steps.
  8. Browse Topics that point you to legal topic resources
    Find a legal topic and related documents easily. Pick a practice area and search. Or browse through the hierarchy. Choose a topic, and you can do so much: retrieve relevant documents, add it to your search, get Alert updates and review relevant Topic Summaries.
  9. Legal Topic Summaries that compile leading authority for you
    Come up to speed on a legal topic—no searching! Topic Summaries compile seminal cases and other defining authority, plus outline topic elements, standards of review, burden of proof, etc. Available in many U.S. cases and 17 jurisdictions,1  find Topic summary icons in full-text cases and with case headnotes.
  10. Mobile access that doesn’t require an app or special setup
    You choose the mobile device—smartphone, tablet or laptop. And Lexis Advance screens automatically adapt to fit it. Or choose apps specific to Apple® iPhone® or Apple iPad® devices.

Lexis Advance General Sources

  • Administrative Codes and Regulations
  • Administrative Materials
  • Briefs, Pleadings and Motions
  • Cases
  • Company and Financial Information
  • Directories
  • Dockets
  • Expert Witness Analysis
  • Forms
  • Jury Instructions
  • Jury Verdicts and Settlements
  • Legal News
  • News (General)
  • Scientific Sources
  • Secondary Materials
  • Statutes and Legislation
  • Web Sources

So what’s new with Lexis Advance® ? We’re a finalist for the 2015 CODiE® for Best Legal Information Solution and for Best Information Service Delivered as Mobile App or Platform. Check out the new practice pages, and watch for more.  And … well, we’re going to need more room to list it all.

2014 Oct: The Legal Intelligencer® “Best of 2014” Best Online Legal Research Provider
2014 Sept: New York Law Journal® “Best of 2014” Best Legal Research Service

Lexis Advance® Support & Training
The Lexis Advance support site delivers troubleshooting tips, user guides, how-to videos, and answers to common questions. It’s also a great place to keep up to date on new enhancements. And if there’s a resource you need but can’t find, no problem!

For more support, please contact
http://www.lexisnexis.com/en-us/support/lexis-advance/default.page or
Helpdesk at Tel: +65 6349 0110 or Email: help.sg@lexisnexis.com or Twitter: @HelpLNSG

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